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  • I cannot say enough good about Lia's skill, expertise, and wisdom when it comes to SEO and all that this entails. She helped me to understand the finer intricacies of this complicated subject enough to know that having a skilled professional is vital and priceless. She really knows what she is talking about - down to the finest detail. I highly recommend her as the finest professional in this field and anyone will be lucky to engage her services. Jayne Clary, Altus Effect. Business Coaching & Development


  • As a Volunteer with United Indians of All Tribe Foundation in Seattle, Washington, I became aware of the need for help with the digital marketing for their online store. Lia and her organization was exactly what I was looking for. Lia came with a wealth of experience, skills, and an amazing ability to present complex information in an easy to digest manner and after a month of Lia's training and direction, the Sacred Circle Gifts and Arts e-commerce website increased sales by 40% during the holiday season. Lia goes above and beyond, thinking holistically about all the elements. Lia is a master at her craft, and she is a joy to work with.  Terri Cole, Inspirational Leader, Creative Problem Solver


  • Lia was very dedicated to my success as a client and went above and beyond what she said she would do when I purchased a package from her. She's the go-to person if you need online presence, helping you with local listings and SEO. Highly recommend! Alma Hachey, Nutrition and Wellness Consulting, Energy Healing at Vitality with Alma


  • It's amazing how much Lia help has boosted my business reach! She treats her clients' success as her highest priority, and it shows in the care she gives in her workshops and private consultations. She is a phenomenal connector, and the individualized attention she tailors to each of her clients. Tiffany Worthington -- Whole Body Peace Massage


  • Lia Kay provided me with the knowledge and direction I needed to take my LinkedIn presence to the next level. Her experience, creativity and insight has helped me better connect with the people I want to work with. Thanks Lia! Steve Edmonds Financial Services Professional


  • Lia Kay Barrad is a superb internet marketing consultant! She provides a comprehensive look at how to reach more clients via the web. I appreciate her attention to detail, excellent customer service, and knowledge on presenting yourself in a way that speaks your message to both your clients and to google so you can be seen by more and more people. I have valued every moment of Lia Kay's time and will continue to use her in the future. Rebecca Fettig LAc, Dipl OM, Licensed Acupuncturist at Golden Point Acupuncture


  • Lia was my go-to-girl for everything SEO related. While I was a recruiter for Aquent, I was able to place Lia multiple times with various Fortune 500 companies to help them achieve their desired online presence. Any company would be lucky to have Lia as their search engine optimization expert as she truly understands the field and is able to work with various cross-functional teams to get the job done in an efficient manner. Lauren Rubin, Peninsula Realtor at Kerwin + Associates


  • Lia has superb knowledge and clarity when analyzing needs in each client. Her vast depth of experience aids her in 'thinking on her feet' to solve issues rapidly. In addition, Lia is just an all-around nice lady to work with. Marlene Moebest-Henderson Real Estate Broker at MoeBest-Henderson Properties


  • Lia Kay is wicked smart and seriously motivated to put you in touch with the customers you want. Give her a call and see what she can do for you! Marilyn Fahrner, Life Coach


  • I had the pleasure of working with Lia when I started at KilaKila as she was a consultant for our web services. She is very personable and has high integrity for her work. I would definitely recommend her work. Danielle Bergan Community Coordinator at MHA of Hawaii


  • Working with Lia is always a positive experience. She is very patient and takes the time to understand what my goals are for the project at hand. She is very passionate about her work, which makes her enthusiasm infectious! Dion Dizon, Committee on Political Education (COPE) Director at Hawaii State AFL-CIO


  • Lia is a self-starter and offers expertise in both print and web sales, along with web expertise. She improved the Hawaii Publishers Association website a thousand-fold by creating an attractive layout, adding content and search engine optimization which has improved our online profile and response. Barry Redmayne, Associate Publisher, Director of Advertising at Trade Publishing Ltd.


  • Lia takes the time to learn about a market and explore opportunities before starting sales. This process created new and innovative online solutions to drive traffic, increase visibility and add value and most importantly, created value for the advertisers for a project she sold for Atlantic. Lia is extremely creative, a natural networker and has a strong command of methods for online visibility. Combining traditional print with very creative online techniques, Lia knows how to generate leads for a business. Ed Burzminski, CEO, Chamber Marketing Partners


  • I thank my luck stars that I found Lia to take over my search engine optimization marketing. I'm a marketing consultant myself, but I knew I didn't have the skills to grow my business on the net. Lia got me to the top of the organic listings, and I was able to kill my entire cost-per-click budget! She may be the smartest person I know; she always comes up with marketing ideas I just didn't think of. Hire Lia! Helen Berman, Author, Sales & Marketing Consultant


  • I have worked directly with Lia Kay Barrad in the web, web marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) space. Lia is a true professional with deep knowledge and a true passion for marketing and the web. She invests herself in understanding the needs of clients and in creating a plan that best suits those needs. Lia also uses her expertise and experience to teach within the field. I highly recommend Lia Kay Barrad to all who seek a knowledgeable and talented web and marketing professional. Jory Barrad (he/him/his), Nonprofit Leader Helping Children, Families

Read what Haiku Web Customers have to say about Lia Kay Barrad
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