Lia Barrad has developed a special formula for website success. Haiku Web would love to share it with you.

First, did you know: there are parts of a website or local search listing that must be optimized with these elements?

  • Do you have a website that is it properly coded to be found in search?

  • Do you know how to write Googlish? which is different than English...

  • Do you know your brand message must include unique content?

  • Do you have a claimed Google map or Yelp listing?

  • Did you know search is not just about keywords but also categories, images, videos, voice, hashtags, and more?

  • Did you know....well about 10 other things.... ​


Haiku Web asks: Is Your Website Digital Marketing Friendly? We know what works in Google to make it so...

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No hype, no jargon, just good ol' fashion advice.

What does Lia Barrad's formula for website and search success mean? When we talk you will soon see how it helps take the mystery out of how to get found on the web, help you truly understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to get your existing website updated to get found in Google. Haiku Web helps you learn how to find followers in Local Listings, Social Media, and Search.

Bottomline - learn how to get new business.  In Search of Customers? We help you find them.

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