Aloha. My name is Lia Kay Barrad

"Give me 20+ minutes and I can explain how to get results with
Digital Marketing. Give me 20+ hours and I can get you clicks & calls."

"I wanted to talk directly to you so you can get to know me better. My goal is to help you build your business, one step at a time. My specialty is providing traditional and digital web marketing services. I am a Certified Consultant in SEO and owner of Haiku Web Services.


The challenge in presenting myself on the web is that it seems that I am here to talk about me. What I really want is to learn about you, your business concerns, and your marketing needs. My goal in outlining my experience is to help you feel comfortable working with me as a consultant or hiring me as your next, best and outside contractor. Please consider this page like a comfortable first conversation."  Feel free to give me a call 972-827-8848

      Experience and Experienced. The benefits of contracting with a twenty+ year veteran of the marketing and publishing industry is that Lia Barrad has managed departments of over 20 people and budgets of over 10 million. She has helped a small business grow 1 million in sales and another company reduce costs in postage and printing by over 10%. Her first business was called Firehouse Production and Print. Clients included Unocal, Sprint, Mitsubishi and California Offset Printers who eventually hired her to do marketing and sales. Experienced in self-publishing, book publishing, magazine publishing, ad sales from both a sales and production point of view. Lia taught at UCLA, CSULA, for Adobe, the Folio Show, the WPA (Western Publications Association), the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), the Maui County Business Resource Center and SCORE. Lastly she was awarded several grants: from the Arthritis Foundation, from the Luis Pincus Foundation, an honors scholarship in college and most recently won the Rose Award from Woman Within International.

Meet Lia Kay Barrad, owner of Haiku Web Serices
About Lia Kay Barrad who develops websites and paints watercolors

"As you will see on my website there are watercolors that I painted. This way I can share a hobby and show you a little about me. 

All too often, I have seen so many websites that use stock photos rather than show the company's expertise or the business owners passion. So I hope that when we work together I can help you add your personality to the page as well as explain about your business.

Take care, and hope to talk soon. Lia B."