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Haiku Web Services is a strategic Digital Marketing Agency based in Irving, Texas owned by Lia Kay Barrad, Certified SEO Consultant.


Lia Kay Barrad, founder of Haiku Web, is ready to help you with your online digital marketing, local search, and web development needs. She believes Web Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media all start with you thinking about your brand and your business. And then lots of geeky, Google'ie details that are needed to get clicks, calls and sales. And don’t just take our word for it, please read more about her experience and testimonials on LinkedIn.


Haiku Web Services has a team of skilled Web Designers, Graphic Designers, SEO Pros ready to work for you. For the past 16 years, Haiku Web Services and Lia Kay Barrad have been here to make search happen with the right kind of results - a properly constructed website, digital marketing solutions and conversation optimization.


Lia Kay Barrad and Haiku Web Services offers to help,
      fix, or update your Digital Marketing and Brand messaging

  • Web Development Services

  • Brand Optimization and Trust Development

  • Digital and Traditional Marketing

  • Search Engine and Image Optimization 

  • Google Trend and Category Optimization

  • Keyword and Hashtag Research

  • Social Media Development: Finding Followers and Key Influencers

  • Local Search Listings for ‘near me’ search and ads

  • Press and Media Connection Development




Just getting started in business and not sure what to do first?

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