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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is somewhat like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. The myth about search is that Google has secrets they are not telling you.


   If you find the right keywords, you will come up in search and then you will get customers. If you find can just trick Google to come up in search, you will rank higher. If you…..tried building your website on what you thought Google wants you to do and it did not work, we do understand.  


You need help to grow your business online for quality referrals to your business with the right type of customer you are looking for. Our company provides you with consulting and training on how to make that happen for you. First, let's get to know each other with a free website review.


Lia Kay Barrad has created and easy to understand Internet Marketing Success formula to help you become visible on the web and gain more clicks, calls and sales.


Search and Social Media Clicks and Calls Success =
(Code + Content + Pretty) Conversation = Customers


Try a Barrad's Website Review program where we show you how our Internet Marketing Success formula is applied to your website and your business. Contract with Haiku Web Services for SEO training and we will share some of our secrets on how to win the search engine game.


Did you know...there are about 20 critical elements that stop you from getting seen on the web, creating buzz about your brand, and helping your rank well in search?


If you do not, we do. Lia Kay Barrad is a certified business consultant in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with 18+ years of providing Marketing and Internet Marketing services to help businesses gain more clicks, calls and customer sales.


Want to get seen on the Web? Initial Consultation is FREE!

Let Haiku Web Services review your existing site, and social media efforts. We will let you know what elements can easily be reworked or need to be redone completely. Or better yet, why wait: hire Lia Barrad as your next best and favorite marketing guru and benefit on an on going basis. Please call 214-587-0757.


Here are some key questions to ask yourself that your current webmaster might not have told you:

  • Did you know that Google, Bing and Yahoo have webmaster rules?

  • Did you know that most Flash Websites are pretty but cannot be seen by the Search Engines?

  • Did you know that many websites are built in outdated old code?

  • Did you know that META Tags, Alt Text and Images names play an important role in how you get seen on the Web?

  • Did you know that if you use your cell phone as a business phone you might be invisible to local search directories like Google Places?

  • Did you know that most companies say they offer SEO services but Lia Kay Barrad, really and truly does SEO, SEM, Social Media and Lead Generation. She is a Certified consultant in Search Engine and Internet Marketing.

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