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Haiku Web Services is a strategic Digital Marketing Agency in Irving, TX

Haiku Web Services is a Strategic Digital Marketing Agency based in Long Beach, CA, owned by Lia Kay Barrad, Certified SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing expert.

Who are your customers and how do you plan to find them?
At the point where you call us, we start asking questions as clearly your existing Digital Marketing, Web Design or Search is not working for you. We want to change that and it is easier than you think.

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  • Learn how working with Haiku Web will help you to create comment-worthy page content, SEO Meta tags, blogs, emails, social media posts, press releases and more.... Please Call:  M - F 562-257-6450 PT 9 am - 4 pm.

Haiku Web Services include:

  • Web Development / Design

  • Digital and Traditional Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Local Search for ‘near me’ listings

  • Image and Design Development

  • Redefinition of Brand Messaging

  • Build Customer Trust / Loyalty

  • Google Trends and Categories 

  • Keyword and Hashtag Discovery

  • Find Followers and Influencers

  • Email and Social Media Marketing